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Emily is an experienced project manager in the areas of international aid/development, cross-cultural communication and corporate social responsibility. She has worked in Australia, China, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia.

A beautiful example of the importance of protest

What I love about this clip is its down to earth charm. The human element of the protesters really shows through with cheeky smiles and sideways glances. There is a real substance to this protest, that when coupled with good editing and great music makes for a powerful video that allows the rest of the world to experience the campaign. A great little reminder that successful digital campaigns merge ‘on the ground’ stories or experiences through engaging digital avenues, like video.

These pot and pans, or Casseroles, protests in Montreal are against the rise of tuition fees in Quebec and the new law 78 (that requires a police permit in order to protest). Every evening at 8pm people meet in the street with their pots and pans and make all the noise they can.

Support for those who support

What is an international aid worker? Well like any term it’s open for debate. But for me an aid worker is someone who has dedicated his or her life to working with marginalised or disadvantaged communities to find ways to reduce poverty and improve life situations. The work of an aid worker spans everything from working with the environment to engineering. Whether it be working to build the capacity of teachers in remote schools or working in partnership with farmers to find ways to make their crops more drought resistent. Read More…

Join me & Join the Watch!

It is new beginnings for me here in Beijing. From next week I will be starting work with the Antarctic Ocean Alliance as Digital Campaign Manager. Antarctic Ocean Alliance is a coalition of 17 organisations including WWF, Greenpeace, Greenovation Hub and Oceans 5 – just to name a few. The aim of this campaign is straight forward we are:

Working to establish the world’s largest network of Marine reserves around Antarctica

What really has drawn me in about this campaign is its positivity. Did you know that the world still has amazingly diverse and almost untouched oceans? Well it does and it’s in the Antarctic Ocean. This campaign is not fighting against something it’s fighting for something, protecting something. The Antarctic Ocean is a magical part of the world that I think most people can identify with and would like to see protected.

I’ll be working on the digital campaign all around the world including in China, Russia, Norway, Germany and the US to spread the word and get people onboard. Check out this report on the Ross Sea (part of the Antarctic Ocean) to read more about this ‘Unique intact ecosystem’ and why it’s so important to protect it.

So I am also going to ask you to join in to protect the Antarctic Ocean and all the wonderful creatures that call it home. Go to our home page to Join The Watch and be part of the legacy. 

Also follow us for all the latest update on Facebook and Twitter.


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NGOs implementing digital trends

For many people who donate to NGOs it can be difficult to grasp exactly where your money goes. NGOs are increasingly under pressure to not only attract more donations but also communicate with the public about the work they do and why it is important to keep supporting them. Online (or digital) communication is where a lot of information about NGO programs and activities is happening. Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders are doing a particularly good job of engaging their audiences online. Some of their recent multimedia projects exemplify best practice digital trends. Here are two examples. Read More…

“For what is done or learned by one class of women becomes, by virtue of their common womanhood, the property of all women.”
—Elizabeth Blackwell
(The first woman in the U.S. to become a physician)

Give the Ladies Some Love

This week over at Lane Change, we have launched our latest campaign ‘Give the Ladies Some Love’. My friend Monica and I started Lane Change last year. We build fun, creative and global campaigns that use positive messaging and compelling challenges to raise awareness about the big issues facing our world. Rather than standing against something, we stand for something: a healthy earth and fair society. Read More…

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