My Beijing winter bike challenge

As we go full speed ahead into a Beijing winter, I have decided to set myself a challenge. As of the 1st of December I am going to ride to work everyday through the depths of a Beijing winter. I’ve written before about my ride to work in Beijing, but just to give some context it’s about 35-40 minutes ride each way (that’s foreigner riding times, Beijingren time, probably about an hour). Further context, the temperature in Beijing in winter can range from -18 to 5 degrees celsius but has an average of about -4.  So for those of you in Norway or New York this may not be a particularly impressive challenge but I was born on the North Coast of NSW in Australia, basically a tropical oasis of rainforests, beach and sun.

Why am I doing it?

  • To see if I can put my money where my mouth is in regards to living a greener life and not just when weather permits
  • Also a good time to reflect about those people who have no home in Beijing during winter
  • I love riding my bike and don’t want to go 3 months without it
  • I hate Beijing taxis
  • And I hate Beijing traffic jams even more

What I want from you.

  • Join me! If you’re in Beijing or other Northern Hemisphere cities.
  • Music requests. What are you favourite winter sound tracks? Send them my way. Listening to music will keep my mind off the icicles forming in my hair (It really is not that dangerous I only listen at a very low volume).

Rules – I will ride to work everyday unless:

  • The road is so icy I will most probably break my neck
  • I have to go to a meeting that is more than an hour bike ride away and I have to wear fancy clothes
  • I am so sick with the flu and can’t even be bothered to watch The Goodwife 

I’ll keep you updated every few weeks on how I’m going.

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4 Responses to My Beijing winter bike challenge
  1. Weh Yeoh

    This way, you’ll also be providing a good public service by helping to process the pollution in Beijing through using your own lungs as a filter. Nice!

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