The idea of home

Sitting in my little blue kitchen on a cool Sunday morning in Beijing, cutting strawberries and drinking coffee I start listening to the ABC Radio National’s Boyer Lectures 2011: The Idea of Home.  As I move into my third year away from home, a relatively small amount of time, I resonate with so much of what Geraldine Brooks has to say about what home means as an Australian living overseas. Geraldine talks about her years as a foreign correspondent and how she is haunted by her experiences and how we are treating the only true home we all have, the earth. This is a fantastic series, take the time out where ever you are to listen.

Click through to the four episodes of 2011 Boyer Lectures below:

Lecture 1: Our Only Home

Lecture 2: A Home on Bland Street

Lecture 3: At Home in the World

Lecture 4: A Home in Fiction

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